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on Tue May 15, 2018 4:36 am
The year was 1941 and Germany had just invaded the USSR and have surrounded Leningrad. In retaliation to this, a counter-offensive was launched into Germany and ended in the capture of Berlin.
Among the troops of this success was a man name Volgo.

During one of his squads raids of a German camp he strayed off from the rest of the soldiers and into a small garage with a man tied to a chair.
The man was so thin Volgo could see his ribs, he also looked like he had been kept from sunlight as his skin was white.
Volgo raced toward him, dropping his rifle and pulling out his knife, he cut the bindings of the man. Volgo turned to grab his flask to offer the man some water, as he turned he felt a sting in his neck and losing the use of his body.

Volgo awoke feeling drained of energy, yet he felt more alive than ever. He noticed that there was a large area of blood around where he was laying.
It was night and silent outside so he ventured out. He noticed a small fire across the square that was a combination of wooden planks and German troops, Volgo involuntarily retreated back into the garage.
He decided to venture out and return to his allied base.

As he was walking through a snowy forest, a group of well dressed figures appeared as if out of nowhere around him. Volgo raised his fists ready to fight. One of the figures, in a floaty voice said "put down your fists brother, we mean you no harm. We are just like you. We are Vampires and you have gone through the embrace and turned just like we had." "Vampires, there's no such things" Volgo laughs. "No, then watch this". The figure then turned into a larger than average bat and then back into the figure. "That is just a small taste of our abilities, come with us and we will teach you to use yours. As you saved another Gangrel I can assume that you have gains the ability to shapeshift also. Come now, it is nearly morning"
Volgo followed the figures to a small mansion in the woods and they all went inside.

Many months passed and Volgo had gotten used to his abilities now.
He could change his shape between a Brown Bear, a Falcon and a Vampire.
He bid the mansion farewell and left to return to his camp. He arrived but the Russian troops had moved on.
Volgo flew all over Germany looking for his troops, but couldn't find them.
He encountered a travelling circus and asked if he could join the circuit and was allowed to.
The ring leader easily deduced that Volgo was a vampire as he was one also, once he revealed to Volgo that this was a Vampire haven, Volgo decided that this was his new home.
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