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Alex's Fictions - Johny D'Ville

on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:00 pm
The Night was late, that is to say early in the morning, the nights tend to run late when you work with the kind of company that eats people. The boss is standing out in the driving rain, I don't think he'd have risked it at this time except the rain was so heavy I can barely see the floodlights let alone the rising sun. I stop and watch him for a few minuets as he holds his coat tight around himself and shouts orders into the storm.

The circus is coming down, time to move on to the next town, but why now? The show had three more shows planned before we were supposed to leave. ropes and tarps, horses and caravans going in all directions scrambling to get the show down and packed before the storm breaks and all "The Big Top Gang" all have to go into hiding  and we're all left to pack up in the mud which is rapidly going from farmyard to swampy. The scene is all shouting and action, with instructions being passed out in all directions in voices battling the downpour.

He turns and locks eyes with me,  his usual sing song voice is hard against the wind but still quiet and ethereal echoing just behind my ear "Get to work, The sun won't wait and we've got to get  to Glasgow by tonight." I sprint off with him still giving out orders at other folk behind me but I noticed he's smiling, and not his showman smile, a big wide genuine smile, the kind of smile that only comes right after sex or right before you're committed to a padded room. An eerie laugh echoes from him through the rain that's swallowing all other sound, it really shouldn't surprise me but a shiver runs down my spine and not just from the cold.

A dwarf dressed as a ballerina wheels a round podium right past my nose and into the back of a van bringing me back to myself. I hunch my shoulders against the cold and the pounding rain as a flash of thunder and lightening shows a single frozen moment of the site in uproar.  The tents were being taken down and at the same time half wind swept away, held down by carnies and freaks with heavy ropes like an enormous kite. To the side I could swear  I can see the bear running off with half the coconut shy in his paws, I know he's a man but its hard to think about some times. The Cliffs of Dover just beyond the edge of the camp reflect some of lightning briefly across a dark and turbulent sea.

And suddenly 8 hours later I'm jostled awake by the van coming to a stop, I look out the window and see the strange city lights surrounding the park. The eerie voice sings into my ear again and I'm suddenly reminded its my turn for dinner tonight..... shit.
Johny D'Ville
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Re: Alex's Fictions - Johny D'Ville

on Thu May 03, 2018 11:32 pm
It was late August 1939 and the show was over for the evening, Johnny danced his way across the carnival with a smile on his face and this evenings music still ringing in his ears. most of the stars did side shows after the performance, it was an all hours carnival. He checked his watch as he threw back the flaps of his tent, 4:37, same time it always said. Silly and sentimental but it had stopped during his last show as a human and he'd never repaired it to remind him that there was more to show business than this circus.

Silly and sentimental indeed.

He turned away from the timeless face to the tent in front of him and almost let out a shreak to find someone sitting at his table. His private hypnotism shows didn't start for an hour but his tent was always set up, incense burning prisms scattering light in an ethereal way, it doesn't matter that the hypnotism is real if the effect is ruined by shoddy showmanship.

The figure at the table turned round slowly and with the grace that could only mean she was a Vampire. Dark skinned and beautiful , her hair a mass of tight curls spreading upwards seemingly without any kind of support was so dark black it seems almost to shine blue. She wore a dress from the end of the last century, dark and more ruffle that was truly practical  and a hat to match but she wore it more beautifully than seemed reasonable or fare.


less than a fraction of a second to compose himself but it was a fraction too long. she smirked in a way that was oh so familiar and oh so condescending. "Baby" she said it softly, like she was talking to a child, which he supposed she was in her mind but her New Orleans accent oozed fained contrition. "This is not what I had in mind for your eternal unlife, come back to the city this traveling life isn't good for the soul of a true performer." She stood gracefully from the table and in a pirouette and three smooth steps she stood nose to nose with him, she was taller than he was even without her heels but tonight she towered not ominously but like she was looking into hungrily into a larder. Johnny looked her up and down and immediately wished he hadn't, clutched in her hand was a letter he'd received from Germany the night before.

"I warned you childe, I warned you about talking to those .... those ... these!" Sabbat, she meant the Sabbat he had befriended on his travels, she thought he had been brought into their faction. Her fist tightens for a moment and then she drops the letter onto the floor in a way that Johnny was sure is less dramatic than shed intended. her voice drops low. "war is coming, a war of the humans that some say will end the world and bring on the Jihad. And here I find you in correspondence with our eternal enemy." The two of them stand eye to eye for some time, time enough time for humans to want to leave the situation, to need to rest. The sounds of the circus outside played against the song they knew to be running through their heads.

The pair were only disturbed when a pair drunkenly stumbled into the tent. The two Vampires, in the unison that can only be achieved by a couple with years of dance training, turned and with a single melodious, wordless scream and the humans dropped where they stood with blood pouring from their ears. Olivia's eyes widen and her jaw tightens as her fangs extend and she drops onto the couple entering a feeding frenzy both hideous and beautiful to behold. The chance was too good not to take, he'd been told by his friend across the sea that this is  not uncommon Sabbat, perhaps now they would accept him into their faction. He dove, not on the humans but on the hunched, blood soaked shape of his Sire.

He bit into her neck, and he drank out her soul. The memories of shows performed, of crowds applauding and throwing roses, of her voice echoing in great halls for huge crowds and tiny rooms of bars to drunken no ones. He drank and drank until there wasn't a drop left in her. He saw the great stage lights of Olivia's past and he saw her in his mind, in a dark room under a single spotlight as she started to sing, and as she sang her swansong played out he heard the Fugue in her voice like never before.

Then the song ended, and the light went down, and Johnny was brought back to himself. He stood in his tent with the incense burning and the prismatic lights, with his hands soaked in the blood of his Sire and three bodies at his feet. He checked his watch and dropped into a seat at the table,  he sang a mournful wordless tune and all who came to the circus that night wept.
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