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Aidan's Fictions - Paddy O'Flannigan Empty Aidan's Fictions - Paddy O'Flannigan

on Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:32 pm
Patrick 'Paddy' O'Flannigan moved to Glasgow when he was a child with his mother Fannie and father Richard O'Flannigan in 1959. They had emigrated from Kilkenny in the hopes of his father finding more stable work which he found in the form of roadworking.

Around Paddy's 19th birthday his father had been promoted to foreman and was earning well over average, Richard had enrolled Paddy in boxing lessons for his birthday and had trained at the local gym day in, day out.

One evening, someone had broken into their house and had violently murdered Paddy's parents. Paddy caught a shadow of a slender figure running from the living room and immediately gave chase sprinting through housing estates and alleyways until he had reached a riverbank and he had lost the figure.

Devastated he fell to his knees in emotional and physical exhaustion, staring into the rippling waters of the river.

As sirens echo through the city a shadow looms over Paddy's back...

Weeks passed. unable to support himself, Paddy found himself in an underground fighting ring taking on opponents for money. He discovered that he had become stronger, faster and an overall more efficient fighting machine stacking up victory after victory and earning £300 per fight. Paddy, still burdened by the loss of his parents vowed to find the culprit that killed his parents and avenge their deaths.

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